Communication Management


From time to time in any relationship such as personal, employment, business, or whenever two or more people interact, misunderstandings and disagreements can arise.

H.R. & Dispute Solutions have specifically trained personnel to be able to assist in these situations in a manner where the problem can be minimized and sorted before it “gets of life of its own”.


In every organization where people interact it is important, to ensure the communication within that organization works and does not initiate problems, a communication strategy should be developed. H.R. & Dispute Solutions have the professional understanding of how positive communication structures work and how their use can facilitate an effective and efficient interaction between the people who are involved. The development of a communication strategy and then the rolling out of a communication plan is an invaluable tool in any organisation.


An extremely important part of management training is communication. Often managers within a company move up the ranks because they are particularly good at their job; likewise a person in their own business may take on staff and assume a management role; These people need to know how to communication in an effective and efficient manner with the people they manage to ensure the right messages are getting out. H.R. & Dispute Solutions can assist with training of these communication skills either on a one to one basis or within an organization as a collective group.


Anyone who has experienced a dispute understands how conflict can cause stress.

Often this stress is only due to the lack of proper communication between people. The reduction of stress in a person’s life can often reduce the symptoms of stress related illnesses. H.R. & Dispute Solutions can identify the issues rising from poor communication and look at options to improve interpersonal interaction which can assist with the recovery of stress related symptoms.


Many business professionals and managers often need to skills to resolve conflict. Many people believe they can “sort matters out” but what really happens is the matter gets swept under the carpet only to rise bigger at a later date. H.R. & Dispute Solutions can provide a dispute resolutions training package that can help decision makers become equipped with a few simple tools to make sure issues in dispute are identified and resolved before they grow to a size where litigation may be required.


Attending a hearing whether it is at the Dispute Tribunal, Employment Authority, ACC Review or any other situation where a matter is being adjudicated and the applicant or respondent is having to give evidence can be an scary experience. H.R. & Dispute Solutions can prepare the participant for the hearing by ensuring all the right written evidence is available and inform them of what to expect regarding processes and procedures.


Corporate supervision is a service provided where a person in the work force with pressure and responsibilities can talk to a member of HR & Dispute Solutions who is trained to provide support and counselling.


HR & Dispute Solutions can use their Positive Dispute Resolution skills for any other dispute you need resolved, this could be based around family, health, immigration, property or WINZ.